Personalised Greeting Card APP

Cardzware provides a live preview and Print on Demand service for a website owner.

To design and build a solution to allow Website owners integrate Personalised Greeting Cards into their site with zero code. The solution should allow for frontend customisation of colours, fonts etc to adhere to the customers website brand. Website customers shall be able to select a greeting card from the portfolio, view, personalise and preview the design add to cart and Pay. The Solution shall track orders, route Artwork to production and deliver billing to the website owner.

DESIGN    |    CODE    |    DEPLOY

We broke the users experience Journey from marketing to onboarding and then onto day to day operation’s:

  • Market & Inform
  • Installation – Download / Connect
  • Configure – Config via Dashboard
  • Operations – Order processing, Order status notifications

The Popup team conceptualised & developed the Brand identity to work both in print and online. Brand guidelines were created delivering Logo, Colours, Fonts, along with overall guidelines for the creation of marketing collateral. The website was then built on WordPress for speed and flexibility, to inform the clients of the Personalised greeting card SaaS service and detail out the commercial offering.

The Cardzware website was designed for the user to be drawn toward creating an account and progressing with the installation of the APP on their website.

The Cardzware APP requires minimal configuration for it to work, however the APP dashboard has additional configuration setting for: Frontend styles, Secure connection config to the Cardzware platform for speedy generation Artwork, Artwork Delivery config, and Page 4 Greeting Card content ( back page of greeting card contains the client logo, website URL, copyright & sustainability blurb ) perfect brand extension.

Popup researched the requirements necessary to install the App. We then produced a series of screens minimising the steps but prioritised the setting to have the APP working earlier in the process. This let users try out the app earlier, which helped the client see its advantages faster..

Good tools are not good if they are not easy to use, Popup considered the day to day tasks and automated many of the repetitive routines, from artwork layup in printers pairs, auto routing of artwork to the correct printer. Once an order occurs the client would be charged a click for the generation of the artwork.

  • Self Serve Dashboard – User can easily self diagnose and resolve issues (vital in making the operation commercially viable).
  • Card Manager Tool – Clients can manage their greeting card portfolio via the. Here they can show or hide any category or greeting card.
  • Brand management – User can control frontend colours, and layout the back page of all greeting cards.
  • Design Tool – Create and upload your own greeting card design, categorise them to be added to the portfolio.

Popup vast diversity of skillsets required to conceptualise, architect and plan a platform ranged from: WordPress plugin developemnt knowledge, Shopify platform code expertise, Php, SVG, Print production, Javascript, Server configuration and optimazation, Photoshop to Indesign, and the list goes on.

The popup team took complex processes and simplified them to boosts efficiency. Defining clear steps and easy-to-follow instructions streamlines the Cardzware tasks, and reduced customer support.

Designing beautiful webpages that delivers users and orders.

Not only did provide me with a functional website, but were able to provide me with further helpful information. Much appreciated and once again thank you!

Tony  |

We love the new design. Popup have been great to deal with. Excellent communication and processes from the outset. Would definitely recommend them for any web design work.

Dave | TEpromotions was great to work with and the website came out great ..full points to the team…and they beat the price like by 50% , good job guys, would definitely recommend, cheers!!

Sean |

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